Get Active Fitness Videos and Streaming

There is a new online Streaming timetable, with classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

The full Streaming timetable is on the Streaming page. You can also find some past classes in the Recently Streamed section, if you want to catch up! 

There are also lots of videos for all the Get Active classes to help you find a good workout. Links to the videos can be found on the Videos page of this website. I will keep adding to these over coming days and weeks. 

I'll email existing Get Active clients to let them know of new content, and which classes are suitable for them.


If you would like to be added to my email list, please get in touch.

Hope that you enjoy. Do keep active and healthy!

Voluntary Payments
Many of you have asked if there's a way to pay for the online classes. Wanting to keep it simple for everyone, I've just put a donate button up. 
If you want, what you want, when you want...
The most important thing is to Get Active and stay healthy.
Thank you.

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The Live Streaming will continue on as shown on the timetable. Thanks to everyone for taking part and giving me your comments.


Next week, starting Monday 3 August, we will do a New Body style class in Total Body Workout and Mellow Moves sessions. This involves the use of light hand weights, if you've got them.

Remember, you can always do that section of the class without equipment if you prefer.

Do keep any fitness equipment handy eg weights/cans,  straps/bands and mini ball/towel. I'll let you know in advance what's needed but remember the classes can still be done without any equipment.


30 July

Fitness Pilates (in Stretch & Tone)

Introduction to Fitness Pilates. All moves are done standing for a great core workout.


24 July

Stretch and Tone

 A complete class working on Balance and Flow moves. Using a band towards the end.. 

Do have a look! If it's new to you, do have a look first before doing the exercise.


If you think you should have been receiving my emails, but haven't, please check your Junk mail. Do add to your Contacts and or mark as a Safe Sender. 


Thank you all for your valued support. I hope that you will continue to be active, and that I'll see you soon.


Keep safe and healthy.




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