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Online and in Halls

These classes are available online and in halls.

  • All Hall Classes are £6 and need to to be booked in advance - you will need to be signed-in to the website to book.

  • To access online classes, you will need to take out a weekly or monthly subscription.

This is an active body conditioning class done with music.

The class will improve fitness levels, work on strength and flexibility.


There is use of chi balls, hand weights and resistance bands.


Suitable for all levels and ages.

Click here to see Taster videos. 

Total Body Workout
Mellow Moves

A class designed for the 50-plus or not-so-fit.


Exercise and movements to music class which can help reduce blood pressure, increase mobility and muscle strength. The class incorporates a stretch and flexibility section.


The class is in two halves:

  • Standing with exercise and movements to music

  • Seated, working on strength and flexibility

Click here to see Taster videos. 

This class is a combination of yoga and fitness pilates.


The class is done to music and will improve flexibility, release tension, and improve strength throughout the body.


Suitable for all levels, this class includes elements of tai-chi and is done in bare feet.

Click here to see Taster videos. 

Stretch and Tone
Mellow Pilates Moves

Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. With a stronger core we can exercise to improve posture, balance and flexibility.

This Mellow Pilates Moves class is done to music and uses the chair to aid balance like a ballet barre. There are also seated chair exercises. 

Click here to see Taster videos. 

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